Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Insert Videos Into Google Forms

Not less than ten minutes after I completed my guide to Creating and Grading Quizzes With Google Forms Google released a major update to Google Forms.

There were actually four new features added to Google Forms this afternoon. The best new feature is that you can now create Google Forms that include videos.

The other updates include data verification which allows you to require people to prove that they're human before submitting a form, an option to display a custom message when you stop accepting form responses, and a progress meter for people to view as they complete your form. I've included directions for these new features in the screenshots below.

Inserting Videos into questions: This could be a great way to enhance a flipped lesson. 
Click image to view full size. 
Click image to view full size. 

Data verification AKA the "are you human?" test.
click image to view full size

Form closed message.
click image to view full size


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