Thursday, September 14, 2017

ClassClimate - Know How Your Students Feel During the Day

ClassClimate is a new service that is designed to help teachers keep track of how their students are feeling during the day, week, and month. The service is rather simple and easy to use. Students simply sign into ClassClimate and click the word(s) that describe how they are feeling.

You can create a class or classes in your ClassClimate dashboard. Each class has its own join code that you give to your students to register as members of your class. Unfortunately, ClassClimate asks for students to have an email address to register.

Applications for Education
If ClassClimate had an option for students to join your class without using email, it would be a great tool use to survey how your students are feeling at the beginning and end of each day or each lesson. As it is now, middle school and high school students could use it. However, it seems that ClassClimate is intended for an elementary school audience.