Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zoho Docs - Chat and Edit at the Same Time

I'm a big fan of Zoho Show, in fact I use it to create all of my slide shows, and I think that Zoho Writer is a good product too. Until now if I was working in Zoho Writer and I wanted to open a slide show I had to switch over to Zoho Show to open it because each type of file was stored in a different place. Today, Zoho announced the release of Zoho Docs which will allow me to store and access my documents, slide shows, and spreadsheets in one central location. Google Docs has had this capability for quite a while so it was only a matter of time before Zoho caught up. Zoho didn't stop at catching up to Google Docs, they tried to surpass it by integrating Zoho Chat into Zoho Docs.

Applications for Education
Users have long been able to collaborate on documents in near real time using Zoho Writer or Google Docs. This is great for editing a piece of work, but not so great for commenting or communicating before making a change. Using Zoho Docs with the integrated Zoho Chat feature could be a great way for students to collaborate and comment on each other's work in real time. This could also be a useful feature for teachers to give live feedback to students that are not in the room with them. I'm thinking this could be great for teachers holding online courses.

Below is a short video introduction to Zoho Docs.