Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Posters, Free Maps

World Mapper is a unique way to look at data sets. World Mapper is a collection of over 500 maps displaying all types of scientific, economic, historical, and demographic data. World Mapper uses density-equalizing maps to display each country and continent differently based on each data set. For example the birthrate map displays countries with a higher birthrates as larger than normal (standard projection) when compared to countries with a lower birthrate which displayed smaller than normal.

World Mapper
makes 366 of the maps available pdf files that can be used to create posters for your classroom (click here for a land area map). World Mapper also makes available, as pdf files, the data sets used in the creation of each map.

Applications for Education
A brief conversation I had on Twitter today revealed that it's not just history teachers that are fascinated by maps. For teachers looking for something to display in the classroom that might spark academic curiosity, World Mapper could be a great resource.
World Mapper maps provide students with a different way to look at data. Raw data sets alone don't tell a story nearly as well as a visual representation of the data