Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Comiqs - Create Comics to Play as Slide Shows

Update May 10, 2019: This service is no longer online. 

Comiqs is a new website for creating and sharing comic strips. The difference between Comiqs and similar websites is that Comiqs displays your creations in slide show style. I have put comic strips into slide shows in the past (see this example), but I did the creation with a drawing program then put each drawing into individual slides. The Comiqs program removes the step of transferring content from a drawing application to a publishing application. Using Comiqs I can now create my comic and publish it as a slide show in one place.

Comiqs users can import images or use the Comiqs gallery of images to create the characters for a comic. Comiqs provides a variety of conversation bubbles and text styles for users.

Applications for EducationThe terms of service for Comiqs stipulates that users must be at least 13, therefore it is limited to students in grades eight through twelve. Comiqs could be used to have students create comic slide shows about a historical figure, a biology concept, or the main idea of a story.