Monday, December 1, 2008

How Googly Are You? - Teaching Awareness of Digital Footprints

Yesterday, Allen Stern of Center Networks posted a long list of ways that Google can gather data about its users. I don't worry too much about what kind of data Google collects about me because I think a little data about me is a fair trade for all of the useful tools that Google provides to me (this blog is a case in point). That said, reading Allen's list did remind me of the importance of teaching students to be aware of the digital footprint that they leave online.

In the past year I have come across some good resources for teaching students lessons about being aware of their digital footprints. One of those resources is Frontline's documentary Growing Up Online which every parent and student should watch and can watch for free on the Frontline website.

There are two good slideshow presentations about digital footprint awareness on Slide Share. Sacha Chua's slide show The Gen Y Guide to Web 2.0 at Work should be seen by high school students. I've embedded that slide show below.

Dean Groom also has a good slide show about digital footprints that teachers and administrators should watch as it stresses the importance to teaching digital footprint awareness. Check out Dean's slide show here.