Sunday, January 27, 2008

Free Technology For Educators: WikiEducator- Wikipedia for lesson ideas

WikiEducator as the name implies is Wikipedia for educators. WikiEducator is a relatively new, free, resource. There are many good lesson ideas and lesson materials available for free. Hopefully, as more people discover WikiEducator there will be more lesson ideas posted. WikiEducator is associated with Kaltura, a free video collaboration that I reviewed last month. Click here to see my review of Kaltura. Below is a video I created about WikiEducator.

Free Technology For Teachers: The Atlantic is now free!

The Atlantic magazine announced earlier this week that they are dropping the subscription and login requirement for their website. All of the content in the periodical will now appear online for free.

Application for Educators
1. The Atlantic is written on a reading level a little too high for the average high school student, but that doesn't mean it isn't full of valuable lessons for "gifted and talented" high school students. The covers the most current topics and most important to Americans stories in great depth. One of this month's stories takes an in-depth look at life in Jena, Louisiana.

2. The Atlantic's multimedia ce
nter provides a lot of information accessible to all students regardless of reading ability. The slide shows available from the multimedia center are made in a National Geographic style presenting fantastic imagery along with excellent information about the featured topic. Click on the image below to see a great slide show from The Atlantic's multimedia center, made by Mark Jenkins, about Bhutan.