Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Apple Learning Interchange- Video of Teaching Methods

The Apple Learning Interchange is a network for teachers interested in using technology in their classrooms. The website is sponsored by Apple, but the methods and materials on the website are not limited to Apple products. The best resource I've found on the Apple Learning Interchange is the videos of teaching methods in action. Click the image below to see a video of a teacher modeling and discussing the use of electronic journaling with a sixth grade class.

Application for Educators
The videos on the Apple Learning Interchange are primarily oriented toward elementary and middle school instructional techniques, but there are some methods suitable for high school instruction.
The videos are a great resource if you have an idea for a lesson but you aren't sure what it will look like in practice. The videos of methods in action are very useful for new teachers or veteran teachers mentoring those new to the profession.

Free Technology For Teachers: Information for Parents is a new website (still in beta) designed to help parents find information related to raising their child. The website has information regarding children of all ages. The bulk of the website is dedicated to issues regarding school. The referrence desk has links to useful articles on a range of topics including readiness for kindergarten, identifying your child's needs and interests in school, how to contact and communicate with teachers, and finally preparing for college and beyond. Every time I hold conferences at least one parent asks if I know of a good place to find information about parenting, now I'll tell them

Free Technology For Teachers: State of the Union in 60 seconds

If you're feeling sheepish for not watching all or any of the State of the Union address last night, don't worry, the kind folks at Mahalo Daily have edited together the highlights into a sixty second video. It is not an altogether unbiased edit, but it does provide most of the highlights.

Application for Educators
Video editing projects like creating a 60 second video of news highlights or talking points in a large speech is a great way to get students to explore a subject and create a useful product in the end. In addition to learning about the subject area and gaining technical skills your students will learn a useful lesson about the role the media plays in shaping public opinion.
If you're looking for a free program your students can use to edit video and audio files, check out Kaltura.

Free Technology For Teachers: Kaltura Update

Last month I wrote a review of Kaltura and its wonderful applications for educators. Click here to see my review of Kaltura. Apparently I wasn't alone in praising Kaltura as they recently won two prestigious awards for software development, the People's Choice Award from Tech Crunch and Mashashable's award for best open source web program.
This week Kaltura announced that it has partnered with Intelligent Television to provide free documentary quality footage to use on Kaltura video creations.

Applications for Educators
Kaltura is great way to have students collaborate on the creation of powerful multi-media projects.
Below is a sample of what can be done with a Kaltura project.

Free Technology For Teachers: Don Quijote - Educational Games For Learning Spanish

Don Quijote is website dedicated to helping people learn the Spanish language. There are free and paid services available from Don Quijote. The free section of the website offers thirty games designed to help students practice their skills in Spanish. The free section of the website also offers free media in Spanish as well activities designed to determine your level of proficiency in Spanish. Another free section of the Don Quijote website of particular use for students is the dictionary and list of common mistakes in conjugation and word usage.

Application For Educators
The free games are most applicable to younger students learning Spanish. The dictionary and list of common mistakes is most applicable to older students learning Spanish. The free Spanish media is most applicable to intermediate and advanced students.