Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Moodle Hosting on Global Classroom

Today, I had lunch with Joe Thibault at the FOSS VT conference. Joe works with Global Classroom. Global Classroom provides free hosting for Moodle. Global Classroom classroom also provides free Moodle training for teachers. Moodle is a powerful application, but it does require server space and network management. Global Classroom removes the biggest obstacle to using Moodle, server capacity and network maintenance. Global Classroom hosts and manages a global Moodle network that any teacher can join and use to create their own online classroom. This is an excellent free service that schools should take advantage of.

Moodle is an open-source program for creating online learning environments. Moodle has hundreds of features that teachers and students can utilize. Some of the most commonly utilized features of Moodle are online test creation and test taking, wiki pages, posting and collecting assignments, attendance register and gradebook.

Below is a short video introduction to Moodle.

Free Technology For Teachers: Learning Tech from Students

When it comes to technology and new computer applications students are fearless. If you have a new computer application that you're trying to learn, ask your students they'll help you.

Right now I'm sitting in workshop being presented by two middle school students at FOSS VT. One of the students writes a blog about Linux applications. His blog is very good and he is rightfully very proud of it. He was excited to share the blog with the workshop participants. If you're a network administrator, tech integrator, or are just interested in Linux check out The Linux Blog. (The student is hoping to get to over 1000 page views very soon).

Web Node - Make a Website in Minutes

You do not need to have any code writing skills at all to build a website. Webnode does the hard work of code writing for you. Web Node is a simple way to build a website. Web Node provides templates for your website. The easy to use, drag and drop, interface makes it easy to change the look and feel of your website. Easily add your own graphics, audio, and video components to your website.

Applications for Education
Webnode allows young through old students create professional looking websites that they can be proud of. Use Webnode for students to present and share their work with a wider audience.

Free Technology For Teachers: Live Book - Collective Experience Builds a Book

LiveBook is a book written from the collective experience of Facebook and Beebo users. This sounds like a fun social experiment and a great way to have students put Facebook and Beebo accounts to good use. Social networks can have an educational value when used correctly. If you're reading this and thinking, "great, but my school blocks Facebook," keep reading.

Application for Education
Take a quick poll of high school students and find out how many of them have Facebook or Beebo pages. You will find that nearly all have an account. Livebook truly offers the "real" or "greater" audience that teachers talk about. Your students can propose an idea, a sentence, or more to be used in the book. The community decides if the quality proposed writing is good enough to be included in the book. Livebook makes your students' audience real so they may pay more attention to the quality and thought put into their work.