Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: National Archives Videos Hosted by Google

Social Studies teachers this one's for you. Actually this has something for everyone, but Social Studies teachers always love videos the most. How do I know? I am one.

The National Archives has made available on Google Video hundreds of films from their records. US History teachers will find a use for just about everything on the National Archives' collection of films. Science and Math teachers can utilize the films from NASA.

Almost all of the videos from the National Archives collection are available for download which is great for teachers who don't have access to Google Video at school. Download your selected video at home on a laptop or flash drive and play it from almost any computer at school.

Free Technology For Teachers: Slide Share Saves the Lesson Plan

I've been using Slide Share since last fall to embed slide show presentations into my classroom blog. This morning Slide Share saved my lesson plan. Part of my lesson plan involved giving notes about India. Normally, I store all of my slide shows on flash drives to save room on my hard drive. This method works great until I forget to bring the flash drive to school. So this morning when I forgot the flash drive, I didn't panic, I jumped on my Slide Share account and I was good to go, lesson plan saved.

Slide Share is very easy to use. If you can upload a picture to Flickr or attach a file to an email, you can use Slide Share. Simply upload your Power Point presentations to your Slide Share account and your presentation is now embeddable. You have the choice of making your slide show private or public.

Here is a short Slide Share show about using Slide Share.

Applications for Education
Slide Share can be used with blogs and wikis. Slide Share is an easy way for teachers to share information with students and with parents. The sidebar embed widget offered by Slide Share allows users to place a slide show permanently on the front page of their blog. Next fall I'm planning to place a slide show with my course expectations and syllabus on the front page of the classroom blog. The slide shows that I've embedded throughout this year have helped my students stay connected with class despite fourteen snow days.

Here is a short video about using Slide Share.

Free Technology For Teachers: A Look Back at Technology Education

Technology Education sure has changed in the over the course of time. I came across the image to the left via Seth Godin's blog. That phone in the picture actually worked and was used as a teaching tool at the Western Secretarial School in 1931.

Do you remember anyone having to teach you how to dial a phone? I don't. Which technologies that we're teaching today will not need to be taught in the future?