Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: That Quiz - Write Quizzes and Share Quizzes

That Quiz is an online quiz application that was shown to me by an awesome middle school teacher, my girlfriend. is a great place to write quizzes and find quizzes that your students can use. is kind of like a wiki of quizzes because teachers can share with others the quizzes that they have written. does more than just provide quizzes for teachers. Students can take the quizzes online and get instant feedback. Teachers can use to track the results of quizzes their students take. started out as a resource just for math quizzes, but is now expanded to include vocabulary and geography quizzes.

Applications for Education can be used by anyone visiting the website, but registered teachers and students can take advantage of a wealth of extra, free, utilities. allows registered teachers to create quizzes and share quizzes. Teachers can use quizzes as assessment tools or as practice activities for students. Once a teacher and his/her students are registered the teacher can assign specific quizzes to each student. The students then take the quiz online and the results are available instantly to the teacher and the student. Teachers can assign a time limit for taking a quiz and can limit the number of attempts on each quiz. is a great study tool and skill practice for students because students can take as many unassigned practice quizzes as they like, get feedback, and correct their mistakes. See the image below for the type of feedback students see after taking a quiz.

Free Technology For Teachers: Make Your Own Museum and Go On Virtual Trips

Did your district cut the field trip budget? Don't worry, create your own museum and go on virtual field trips through Thinkport. Thinkport is a project funded by Maryland Public Television and The Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education. Thinkport offers much more than just virtual field trips and the create your own museum project. Thinkport offers lesson planners, activity builders, and videos for classroom use as well as numerous activities for students to use independently or collaboratively.

Applications for Education
Create Your Own Museum is a great way for students to share the findings of research projects. Students can add images and text to their museum and arrange the order of the displays. This format of sharing information is a nice change from creating a slide show or a wiki. Thinkport also provides a nice selection of virtual field trips with lesson ideas for teachers. Many of the field trips are based on Maryland, but there are some field trips that are universal. The field trip about money sucked in a student that I showed it to today. Finally, the Thinkport timeline builder is simple and easy to use and is a great way for students to organize history or plot developments in a story they may be reading.

An Almost Free SmartBoard

I'm not the biggest fan of Smart Boards, but I know a lot of people that are absolutely in love with them. Through iLearn Technology I discovered some directions for making a Smart Board with a Nintendo Wii remote and an LCD projector. If you've been wanting a Smart Board, but your school can't afford the expense, this $45 option may be for you.

Edited to add: This isn't a smart board in the truest sense of the term. The Wii remote is used to control the computer rather than having a touch screen interface. The $45 cost does not include an LCD projector.

This video explains the $45 Smart Board

Free Technology For Teachers: My Wonderful World - Geography Resources

My Wonderful World is really a wonderful website for Geography teachers and Geography students. My Wonderful World provides a host of great ideas, lesson plans, games, videos, and visual aids for teaching and learning geography. I've spent about an hour exploring the website over the last few days and I've only begun to scratch the surface of all that My Wonderful World has to offer. Some of the items on My Wonderful World that immediately stand out are great links to resources about geocaching and earthcaching activities, preparation materials for the National Geography Bee, and free classroom maps for teachers. My Wonderful World also has a Youtube channel where teachers will find appropriate Geography videos.

Applications for Education
My Wonderful World has a list of the top ten reasons for teaching and learning geography. In each of the items on the list are links to great teaching and learning materials. One of the best items on the list is #6, "make it extracurricular." My Wonderful World suggests making geocaching or Earthcaching an extracurricular activity to get parents and community members involved in Geography education. This is a great idea because geocaching gets students outside while providing a hands-on learning experience. If you're a Geography teacher in a rural school (like I am) geocaching provides practice with a skill that students may already have or may have a genuine need for.

Here is a short video from My Wonderful World.