Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: The Technology Teacher Podcast #17

Ron Kroetz just released his 17th podcast at As always Ron has a great free resource that teachers should check out. Visit Ron's website or listen to the podcast using the widget below.

Free Technology For Teachers: Win a Wireless Computer Lab

I love free technology and I really love winning free technology. If you love free things and love winning free things too, then head on over to CDW and Discovery Channel's current contest and enter to win a free wireless computer lab.
Click here to enter the contest. Hurry because all entries are due by May 1st.

Free Technology For Teachers: NOTA - Collaborative Web Page Builder

NOTA is a new entry in the video and image mash-up market. NOTA allows users to create web pages by combining existing media on one page. In other words NOTA users can make multimedia collages. NOTA allows users to incorporate videos, images, text, and free-hand drawing on one page. With NOTA you can use videos and images from the Internet or upload media from your computer. NOTA is a collaborative tool so many users, up to 50, can work together to build a web page. Additionally, visitors to a NOTA page can add comments if the creators of a page allow it. The drag and drop interface on NOTA is very intuitive which makes it very easy to quickly get started making a web page.

Applications for Education
NOTA is an easy to use web page / online collage builder that is easy enough for elementary school students to use. NOTA is a good replacement or alternative to building traditional paper and glue collages. NOTA is also a good alternative to a wiki for assignments with a more visual rather than textual focus. I can even see NOTA being used in conjunction with an oral presentation in which students explain the significance of the various elements on their web page.

Free Technology For Teachers: A Simple Reminder for Tech Integrators

Yesterday, Tina Coffey posted a list of teachers she knows that have tried to integrate technology into their lessons this year. For me, her list was a great reminder of a couple of things. First, many teachers are not comfortable using 21st century technology in the classroom and any step toward trying to use new technology is a positive thing. Second, everyone likes to be recognized for working hard and trying new things.

As the school year starts to wind down, take a look around your school or school district and think about who has tried to do something new (even if it's only new to her/him) with technology this year. Then recognize those people in whatever way works best for you. I plan to say "good work" and "thank you" to the people on my list in person. The first two people on my list are Mrs. Jones and Mr. Hammett. Who are the first two people on your list?