Wednesday, July 23, 2008

QlipBoard - Add Voiceovers to Slide Shows

QlipBoard is a new tool for creating slide shows with voice narration. QlipBoard is similar to PhotoShow that enable users to import images from online photo sharing services or local computer and then add narration to the show. Projects created with QlipBoard can be shared by email, direct url link, or by embedding them into a blog or website. QlipBoard is different from a service like PhotoShow because it can be used online or the program can be downloaded and installed on your local computer (pc only).

Applications for Education
QlipBoard provides students with another choice for creating presentations to share and demonstrate knowledge. For students reluctant to speak in front of a large class creating and sharing presentations with QlipBoard may be one way for them to ease into public speaking.

Cloud Computing From Zoho's Perspective

I'm frequently asked to compare Zoho's and Google's cloud computing services. The common question is which one is better? I try to refrain from saying which one is better because depending on what each user is trying to accomplish Zoho or Google may be better suited to that person. In my classroom I introduce students to the offerings from both companies and let them decide which one they want to use.

Here is a short video interview with Zoho's Ian Wening discussing what cloud computing is and what he sees as the differences between Zoho's services and Google's services. The interview was conducted by Daniel Brusilovsky.

Zoho from Daniel Brusilovsky on Vimeo.