Saturday, August 16, 2008

Calendars Through the Ages and Around the World has a great online exhibit about calendars used throughout history and about the calendars used in by various countries and cultures. In Calendars Through the Ages visitors will find the history of different calendars, how those calendars were developed, significant dates on each calendar, and in some cases why a particular calendar is no longer in use.

Applications for Education
The Olympics are in full swing and are sure to be a topic of conversation in classrooms now and in the fall. This will provide teachers and students with an opportunity to talk about Chinese culture and history. One of the aspects of Chinese culture sure to be discussed is the Chinese calendar and how it differs from the calendar of the west. By visiting Calendars Through the Ages students can explore the origins of the Chinese calendar and significant dates on the Chinese calendar.

Virtual Frog Dissection offers for sale to teachers a full array of lesson plans and assessment tools for a variety of virtual animal dissections. If you don't want to purchase the program (which is reasonably priced) you can still use the free virtual frog dissection activity. The virtual frog dissection activity walks users through the process of frog dissection. Using the mouse visitors virtually dissect a frog by selecting the appropriate pins, scalpel, or scissors. Click here to get started on virtually dissecting a frog.

Applications for Education
For schools that have stopped doing dissection activities because of budget cuts or other concerns this virtual activity from Froguts may be suitable replacement. As I did the dissection today I was taken back to the memories of being in my high school biology class waiting for instructions on what to do with the frog in front of me.

Thanks to hwjohnson on Twitter for sharing this great free activity.

Update 4/23/09
It appears that the free version has changed. They've changed to a shorter free demo (the link is in the upper-right hand corner of the page). Unfortunately, it's not nearly as good as the original free demo.