Monday, August 25, 2008

101 Free Learning Tools

ZaidLearn has put together a great slide show of 101 free web tools for learning. As I went through the slide show I found a few things I hadn't seen before. The slide show has something for every teacher so take a few minutes and scroll through the show.

101 Free Learning Tools
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History and Olympics Lesson Plan

The Olympics are over until 2012, but your students may be talking about it for a few more weeks. The Olympics provides teachers with a some teaching opportunities in math, world cultures, and history. The Olympic Medal Map from the New York Times has an interactive timeline of the modern Olympics. For each year on the timeline the circles representing each country expand or contract according to medal count.

Application for Education
The Olympic Medal Map provides students and teachers with an interesting way to look at 20th Century World History. Students should notice the size of the circles representing Asian countries expanding over the course of century while many of the circles representing European countries contract. This pattern of change could be the stimulus for having students examine causes and possible explanations for the changes over the course of century.

Republican and Democratic Convention Resources

C-Span has launched two websites featuring user-generated content about the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. On each page visitors will find videos uploaded to the pages by convention attendees. Videos are being uploaded via YouTube and Qik. C-Span's "Convention Hub" pages will also feature comments from Twitter and the latest blog headlines from convention observers and participants.

Here are the links to C-Span's Convention Hub pages. Republicans Democrats

Here are the links to the official convention websites of the Republican Party and Democratic Party. On the Republican Convention website visitors will find information about how the history of the convention and the convention's organization. Click here to find that information. On the Democratic Convention website visitors will find a Convention 101 page featuring information about delegates, superdelegates, the organization of the convention and a glossary of terms used at the convention.

Get Classroom Supplies Through Goldstar Registry

Goldstar Registry is a free service for teachers to use to get school supplies. The idea behind Goldstar Registry is the same as bridal registry services. Teachers visit the Goldstar website and register for classroom materials that they would like to receive. Then if a parent or grandparent asks if you would like anything for your classroom, you can have them look at your online registry.

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with Goldstar. I just thought I would share this along because it seems like an interesting concept.