Saturday, August 30, 2008

Global Lesson Plans

Tina Coffey at Teaching With Technology has posted a great list of online projects designed to connect classrooms across the world. One of the projects that I really like is the "A Room With a View" project designed by and hosted by Jennifer Wagner. The objective of the project is to have students around the world take pictures from their classroom windows and write stories about what they see outside their windows. The project is designed for pre-K through 6th grade students, but I think that the concept could definitely be used with older students. You can find more information about the "A Room With a View" project at the "A Room With a View" wiki.

Check out Tina Coffey's full list of online projects.

Classrooms Without Microsoft

This is an interesting slide show presentation that I found on Slide Share. The main idea of the slide show is to compare the ways that digital natives and teachers look at computers and the Internet. This slide show was given to a class that spent the year not using Microsoft. The slide show was created by Dean Groom of One of my favorite slides in this is the one that states, "Teachers call what you have been learning Web 2.0. You just call it the Internet." That statement really does sum up the differences between the ways that teachers and today's students look at the Internet.

Digital Natives in Web2.0
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