Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall Street Woes Explained by CNN Student News

The many problems on Wall Street have students and adults wondering how these problems started and where the markets are heading. CNN Student News has some good explanations of the current state of affairs on Wall Street. The explanations are designed for high school students, but they are informative for anyone trying to get a handle on the Wall Street situation. The video is embedded below. (If you're reading this in a RSS reader you may need to click on the blog post title to see the video).

Applications for Education
This video and CNN Student News in general are good resources for teachers incorporating current events into their curriculum. This video is especially relevant for economics students and business students.

Forces of Nature - Earth Science Resources

Forces of Nature is a film produced by National Geographic designed to educate students about volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. The Forces of Nature website provides a nice list of complete lesson plans for teachers of students in grades K through 12. Even if you can't get a copy of the movie, most of the lesson plans and activities are still very usable. Teachers of grades K through 6 may also want to check out the National Geographic Kids page titled Ten Freaky Forces of Nature.

If you can't acquire the Forces of Nature film (available on Amazon $17.99), you may want to consider a similar film from National Geographic titled Violent Earth. Violent Earth can be viewed for free on Snag Films. Using Snag Films you can also embed the Violent Earth video into your blog, wiki, or website. I've embedded Violent Earth at the bottom of this blog post.

Staying with the theme of forces of nature, Volcano World produced by Oregon State University has some great resources for teachers and students. I particularly like the virtual field trip through the Ape Cave lava tube at Mount St. Helens.

New Podcast - What is Creativity?

In this podcast I address a great question that Tom Grissom posed in his podcast Tech Talk 4 Teachers. Tom asked the question, “can we still call this creativity if the machine is making the decisions for us?” Tom was raising this question in reference to the use of online tools like Wordle, AutoCollage, and Animoto. To learn more about these tools and hear Tom Grissom’s podcast visit Tech Talk 4 Teachers.

If you enjoyed this podcast or previous episodes, the player embedded in the right hand column of this blog can also be embedded in your blog. To embed my podcast in your blog or website click on the "get this widget" link immediately below the player.

Wiggio - Group Planning and Scheduling

Wiggio is a new collaboration tool designed to make scheduling group meetings easier. Wiggio is also intended to be used as a resource for group planning of projects. I gave Wiggio a try last night and found it has a very clean and intuitive user interface. Some of the features of Wiggio include a group calendar, a mass messaging system that works with cell phones and email, and a group polling system. For groups that are working on projects together Wiggio offers a shared folder for files and links.

Applications for Education
Wiggio is a simple tool that academic clubs and sports teams may find useful. For younger groups where parents provide transportation, the group polling tool will be particularly useful for coordinating meeting times and or car pooling. Wiggio is also a great resource for high school and college students trying to coordinate meeting times and the completion of group project tasks.