Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FDR and The Banking System

Some of the problems on Wall Street have been compared to the banking problems of the 1930's. These comparisons can provide history teachers with an opportunity to discuss the actions of Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration. One of the most public actions of FDR was to broadcast "fireside chats." There are a number of places on the Internet where you can find audio recordings of FDR's first fireside chat regarding the banking system. Two of these places are the American Presidency Project and American Rhetoric.

This video from YouTube also contains the audio of FDR's first fireside chat as well as a collection of images related to the Great Depression.

On a lighter note, if all of the news regarding the financial markets is stressing you out, perhaps you might want to watch It's A Wonderful Life.

Splicd - Create Your Own Video Segment

Splicd is a new service that lets users select and share a segment of a YouTube video. Splicd is a simple and easy service to use. To use Splicd all you have to do is select a video from YouTube, copy the video's url into Splicd, then enter the start and end times of the video segment you wish to watch. This service will be particularly useful for those times that you want to share only a part of a long video. Click here to see Splicd in action.

Applications for Education
Splicd will be useful when you want to show just a part of video to a class. For example if you wanted to show a part this lecture about linear Algebra from a MIT professor by using Splicd you can select just a portion to play rather than have your class watch all
49 minutes.

Your World in Pictures

Mashable ran a story earlier today about Life (a Time company) and Getty Images joining forces to create The site is not live yet, but when it does go live it will host all of the imagery that Life is famous for publishing. If you visit now, you can sign up to receive an email alert when the site goes live. seems like it will be similar to Flickr's Commons collection of images from the Library of Congress.

Applications for Education
If is as good as Flickr's Commons collection, Social Studies teachers around the world will have access to a great free resource. I often use the images found in Flickr's Commons collection to start conversations about events and topics in US History.

If you're looking for other image resources you may want to check out Picturing America or the Brooklyn Art Museum's Flickr collection.

Presidential Campaign and Debate Resources

C-Span which hosted Convention Hubs to provide coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions is launching Debate Hub. Debate Hub will aggregate blog, Twitter, and video coverage of the Presidential debates. The three minute video embedded below provides more details about Debate Hub.

Applications for Education
Debate Hub hasn't gone live yet, but should be live in time for the first debate this Friday. There are some resources live on C-Span right now that teachers and students can access. C-Span has a debate worksheet (pdf) that students can use to evaluate the candidates during the debate. Another resource worth exploring is the 2008 Election Map covering all of the House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races across the country.

(Thanks to Simon Owens for the tip about Debate Hub).