Friday, October 3, 2008

Interview With OLPC

Here is another great video from Robert Scoble that should be of interest to technology teachers. In this video for Fast Company TV Scoble interviews the president of OLPC, Chuck Kane.
One of highlights from the interview include the announcement of another round of "give one, get one" in which donors can donate an XO laptop to developing countries.
About five minutes into interview, Mr. Kane makes an interesting statement about the philosophy of OLPC, "we're not a computer company, we're an education company."

I have an XO laptop that was generously given to me by Harold Shaw. Last spring I allowed my 9th grade students use it as much as they wanted during study halls. A few of my students thought the XO Laptop was more useful to them than the nine-years-old MacBooks that are on the school's computer carts.

Have you had any experience with the XO laptop? Do you think the XO laptop has a useful place in the schools of more developed countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia?

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Free Educational DVDs

Izzit is a video production company specializing in the creation of educational DVDs for grades 4 through 12. Every year Izzit gives away free DVDs to teachers in the United States. There are eleven DVDs to choose from. Most of the DVDs deal with Social Studies related topics. I have not viewed any of the DVDs other than the promotional clips available on Izzit so I cannot speak for the quality of the programs yet. I have ordered my free DVD and I will post a review of that DVD when it arrives. I ordered the DVD regarding the Great Depression.

Have you ordered DVDs from Izzit? What are your thoughts on the Izzit DVDs?

Vice Presidential Debate Video

Just in case you're looking for the video of last night's Vice Presidential Debate, here it is courtesy of C-Span's YouTube Channel.