Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get Ready for Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week is coming up next week. In preparation for Earth Science Week I thought it would be appropriate to share some resources that teachers might find useful. The theme of this year's Earth Science Week is "no child left inside." Earth Science Week is sponsored by the American Geological Institute. The "for teachers" page of Earth Science Week has some good lesson plan resources, but you may want to look at some other resources for getting kids outside and learning about Earth Science.

The Global Environmental and Outdoor Education Council has lesson plans that are appropriate for students in grades K through 12. Some of these lessons will get kids outside.

The Science Spot offers lesson plans that will get kids outdoors. Some of the lesson plans on the Science Spot were designed with a specific geographical area in mind, so you may need to adapt the lesson to meet your local geography.

NASA is contributing to Earth Science Week by offering lesson plan resources that are appropriate for use in grades K through 12.

No Time to Build a Slide Show? Check This Out

My department chair, one of the most technophobic people I know, actually referred me to a great web resource. Power Point Palooza is a collection of more than 200 Power Point presentations for use in history courses. The presentations are nicely categorized as US History, European History, or Global Studies.

Applications for Education
One of the best things about the Internet is all of the resources that help teachers save time. If you need a presentation for your history class on short notice, Power Point Palooza may have what you need. If you use one of the presentations from Power Point Palooza on your class blog or wiki be sure to give proper attribution.