Friday, October 17, 2008

Counting Down the Top Five Hits of the Week

As I've been doing for the last few weeks now, I'm sharing the week's five most popular items. Here they are:

5. Add Voice Narration to Slide Shows - Slide Six
4. Free Podcasting Solutions
3. Free Posters, Free Maps
2. Great Timeline Builders
1. Woices - Podcasts Meet Google Maps

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For Physical Education and Health Teachers

It's not often that I come across web resources that physical education teachers can use. Today, I found on Larry Ferlazzo's blog, an Olympics quiz from CNN. This quiz asks questions about your personality and preferences then tells you the Olympic sport for which you're best suited. The quiz told me that I should be a runner.

Applications for Education
For physical education teachers or health teachers that are trying to get students to try an athletic or aerobic activity this quiz could be useful. The quiz might expose students to sports that they've never tried before.

Science Activities for Elementary Students

The Utah Education Network has a built a nice collection of 30 educational games and online activities for use with students in grades three through six. There are games based on life science (biology) and physical (Earth) science topics.

Another good source of Science games and educational activities is the BBC's School Science Clips website. The BBC's School Science Clips page provides teachers with some curriculum talking points to accompany the clips students view.

360 Cities - Panoramic Interactive Imagery Clear Enough to Make You Dizzy

360 Cities provides extremely clear panoramic imagery of places around the world. The bulk of the images are of places in Europe, but there is also some great imagery from North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. I have not found any images of Australia on 360 Cities.

The panoramic imagery of 360 Cities is so clear and transitions so smoothly that I almost made myself dizzy while playing around with imagery of Atlanta, Georgia.

Images on 360 Cities can be explored online using the Google Map provided on the 360 Cities website or you can view the imagery in Google Earth.

Applications for Education
360 Cities provides some of the best free interactive panoramic imagery that I've found on the web. The user controls over the views are easy to use and very smooth. The images don't jump or blur as you change perspectives.
Just as with Google's Street View option, 360 Cities could be a great resource for students to use on self-guided virtual tours.

What is 21st Century Literacy?

This short video, that I saw on Brevity is the Soul of Wit, paints a good picture of what it means to be literate in the 21st century. Is your school teaching 21st Century Literacy?

Here's another look at the challenges of teaching in the 21st Century.