Friday, October 24, 2008

The Top Five Hits of the Week

This week seemed to fly by for me. Between finding out that I'm going to China in February, a day of parent conferences, and a staff development day, I don't know how I found the time to post anything.

Here are the five most popular items of the last seven days.
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2. What is 21st Century Literacy?
1. Hemingway Animated

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My First Chinese Lessons

In preparation for my trip to China in February, I am starting to teach myself Chinese. The two resources that I am using are Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk and the BBC Chinese language lessons. The lesson with Serge have accompanying transcripts that I found useful during my first lesson. The BBC program is designed for people like me, traveling on relatively short notice and need to learn survival phrases.

Oral History of Route 66

The iconic Route 66 roadway across the western United States is full of stories. In 2002 Jim Crim and Shekar Davarya under the supervision of Johns Hopkins University traveled Route 66 collecting oral histories along the way. The stories from that project are displayed in the Google Map embedded below.

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Application for Education
This map is a good example of how Google Maps can be used to display historical content and literature content. This is also a good example of recording oral history to preserve aspects of culture.

Email Delivery Problems

FeedBurner, the service that publishes the RSS and Email feed for Free Technology for Teachers, has been experiencing some problems this week. Some email subscribers may not have received updates yesterday. I have re-synched the feed so hopefully everything will be back to normal today. I apologize for any inconvenience.

On a related note, if you have signed up to receive email updates, but have not verified your email address please take a moment to do so. The verification email may have appeared in your junk or bulk email box.

Mapping Halloween

Anyone that knows me or reads this blog regularly knows that I love maps. This morning I was on the Google LatLong blog where I came across a great idea for using Google Maps for mapping trick or treating routes. Halloween is just a week away, next week you may want to have students map their "trick or treating" routes either before or after they go "trick or treating." Probably the best approach to accomplishing this is to have students mark on a map the places where they got the best candy treats.

If you have never tried to make a Google Map, here is a short video tutorial.