Saturday, November 22, 2008

Three Blogging Tutorials

Today, I spent some time exploring the various capabilities of three popular blogging platforms; Blogger, Word Press, and Edu Blogs. I had intended to write a blog post about some of the ways that teachers can accessorize their blogs to keep students and parents frequently checking it for updates. I still do plan to write that blog post, but before I do that I think it might be important to share some video tutorials about setting up a blog for the first time. Below are three videos explaining how to set up a blog for the first time using Blogger, Word Press, and Edu Blogs.

Here is the Blogger basics tutorial.

Here is a Word Press step-by-step tutorial.

Here is an Edu Blogs tutorial. You may also want to view the screencasts on the Edu Blogs homepage.

Teaching College Math

I recently came across a blog called Teaching College Math and even though I am not a math teacher nor have any ambitions towards teaching math, I subscribed to it right away. Teaching College Math, as the name implies, is about strategies and resources for teaching collegiate level mathematics. The target audience for the blog is collegiate mathematics teachers, but I have found some resources and strategies that high school level mathematics teachers could also find useful. For example, the presentation featured in today's blog post, developing cognitive math assessments for daily classroom use, has ideas and strategies that could easily be adapted for use in the high school classroom.

Another Method for Watching YouTube Offline

One of the more popular posts I've written is, "Can't Use YouTube? Try This." In that blog post I suggested four methods for downloading YouTube videos to access them at a later time when you're not online. This is useful for teachers who would like to use a YouTube video in the classroom, but cannot access YouTube at school.

Convert My Tube is a free service that allows you to convert a video to your choice of eight different formats for use on your local hard drive. To use Convert My Tube, simply enter the url of the video you want converted, select your desired format, and then download the video.

Applications for Education
Convert My Tube provides a free and simple way to download YouTube videos to use in the classroom.