Sunday, December 21, 2008

Free Math Help

Every time I find a website like Free Math Help I wish that the Internet had been readily accessible to me as a high school student because my mathematics grades could have used the free help. Free Math Help, as the name implies, offers students free mathematics tutorials. Tutorials are available as text based lessons or narrated video lessons. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics tutorials are available for free to students. If, after watching the tutorials students have more questions, students can head over to the message boards to ask clarifying questions.

Applications for Education
Free Math Help is a good resource for middle school, high school, and some undergraduate students to find mathematics help when you're not available. If you're a mathematics teacher, Free Math Help is a good website to link to your class blog or website.

Take Your Kids On An Antarctic Expedition

Right now there are a number of expeditions to the South Pole in progress. One such expedition is the South Pole Quest expedition sponsored by an organization called Impossible to Possible (I2P). The South Pole Quest expedition is producing fantastic educational materials for students and teachers. The expedition members are posting updates, answering questions from students, posting audio podcasts, and updating their progress on an interactive map. There are some introductory videos available on the website and soon videos from the expedition will be available. By visiting the South Pole Quest website students can find out all kinds of information about the physical and life science of Antarctica. Here's a question to get your students thinking about life in Antarctica, why is this man eating a block of butter?

Applications for Education
The South Pole Quest is producing great educational content to use in a science class. The education page of the South Pole Quest website has fifteen complete learning modules available as PDF files.

Beyond the obvious uses of the South Pole Quest's website in a science class, having students visit the website might inspire a student to learn more about adventure expeditions. A reluctant reader may decide, after listening to the podcasts or reading about this expedition, that he or she wants to read a book about Antarctic expeditions. In which case you may want to recommend a book about Shackleton's expedition.

Here are some other web resources about Antarctic exploration.
Shackleton Centenary Expedition
NOVA - Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
American Museum of Natural History - The Endurance
Cool Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey

A Tour of the Solar System

Nine is a large collection information and images designed to be used as a virtual tour of the solar system. The information on Nine is organized by planet working progressively away from the sun. Nine also provides information and images on smaller bodies in the solar system.

Applications for Education
Nine Planets advertises itself as a virtual tour, it's not the type of tour that will instantly engage students. Nine Planets is best used as a reference resource as the content itself is excellent although the layout is not great. Teachers should find the lesson plan links quite useful.

If you're looking for more space science resources take a look at Celestia, SkyServer, and Microsoft's World Wide Telescope.