Friday, December 26, 2008

The Week in Review - Five Most Popular Posts

I hope that by now everyone is enjoying a restful and relaxing holiday vacation. I know that most teachers are on vacation next week, but I will continue to post new free resources for teachers.

This week Free Technology for Teachers surpassed the 1700 subscriber mark for the first time. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed via RSS or via email for following and sharing Free Technology for Teachers with your friends and colleagues online and in person.

Here are the five most popular blog posts of the last week.
1. Wow! Thank You For Your Support
2. If You're A Special Education Teacher
3. My 12 Favorite Resources of 2008 - Part I
4. My 12 Favorite Resources of 2008 - Part II
5. Turn PDF's and Images Into Interactive Documents

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Learn a Language Through Open University

iTunes can be a great place to find free education resources. Earlier this week I found a couple of good mathematics podcasts and today, through Teaching and Learning Spanish, I learned about Open University's foreign language learning programs on iTunes University. Open University has podcasts available to help students learn beginner's level Spanish, French, Welsh, Italian, and German. These are short podcasts designed to supplement regular course work.

Applications for Education
As I mentioned above these podcasts aren't designed as stand-alone courses, but they would be good supplementary materials for foreign language teaching.

Just for Fun

My mother clipped this cartoon for me. If you've ever proctored a standardized test, you'll appreciate it.
I promise, the next blog post will be serious. If you like this one, you can find more here.

Seven Things

Beth Still tagged me to participate in this meme in which you're supposed to list seven things readers might not know about me. The purpose of the exercise is to get to know the people in your PLN on different level. So here it goes:

1. In 1996 and 1997 I was a member of the USOC's Junior Elite Archery Team. In 1999 I set a world record archery score that stood for all of about 15 minutes until it was broken by my good friend David Cousins.

2. I love to hike, ski, and fly fish.

3. Prior to becoming a teacher I worked for FedEx for almost seven years. At times I miss the money from those days, but I don't miss the work.

4. I love the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, but I still can't really root for the Bruins because I grew up as fan of the now defunct Hartford Whalers.

5. I'm the oldest child of four. Two brothers and one sister.

6. I have a wonderful girlfriend, Denise, who thinks I'm an uber-geek for spending so much time writing this blog.

7. I dream of climbing in the Himalaya.

Here are seven people that I would like to see participate.
@wickeddecent Jeff and Dan