Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prepare for the SAT - Enter the BrainyFlix Contest

Brainy Flix is holding a video creation contest designed to help students prepare for the SAT. This contest, sponsored in part by MIT's Alumni Association, asks students to make short videos that will help students remember the meanings of words from the SAT vocabulary list. The most popular video, chosen by voting that begins on March 1st, wins $600 for your school. To further encourage participation, one free iTunes download for every five videos submitted. The contest begins on January 1, 2009 and runs through February 23, 2009. You can see the full contest rules here. I've embedded a sample video below.

Applications for Education
The Brainy Flix SAT contest could be a fun way to get studentst to prepare for the SAT. If your students are too young to take the SAT, you can still enter the contest. The excercise of creating videos for the contest could be a good way to get students to learn new vocabularly words.

Study Stack - Build Your Own Review Games

Study Stack is one of the better review game creation tools that I've tried. Study Stack allows teachers and students to create flashcards, crossword puzzles, matching games, word searches, and other classic study games for any subject area. You can create a game using any type of numerical or text data. Once you're data is in your account, you can use that data to create multiple games. For example I used the same US Civil War information to create flashcards and a matching game. All of these games can be shared via email or embedded into your blog or website. I've embedded a stack of flashcards below the "applications for education."

Applications for Education
Study Stack provides a useful service for all teachers and students regardless of grade level or content area. You can have students create their own study games or you can create a game and post it on your classroom blog. The games can even be exported to iPods or Blackberries for students to study on the go.

Knowtes is a similar service that impressed me back in March.

More flashcards, word search, and hangman provided by