Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Ten Most Popular Blog Entries of 2008

In 2008 I wrote more than 1000 blog entries. The following list contains the ten most clicked on items of 2008. Thank you to everyone that continues to read Free Technology for Teachers, I'm looking forward to writing another 1000 entries in 2009.

Open Zine - Collaborative Magazine Creation
Ten Teachers to Follow on Twitter (This is also the most commented-on post of the year)
National Atlas Map Maker
20+ Educational Alternatives to YouTube
Five Resources for Fun Spelling Games
34 Ways to Use RSS
170+ Intelligent, Educational YouTube Videos
Great Timeline Builders
Grading Student Blogging
An American Teacher in China

World Sunlight Map on Google Earth

The Google Earth Blog is a great place to find interesting and educationally useful KML files. Today, on the Google Earth Blog, a KML file that displays and automatically updates the where in the world it is night or day. The updates occur every thirty seconds. The file also includes a layer displaying and automatically updating cloud cover around the world. You can access the file here.

Applications for Education
This KML file could be useful for showing students how daylight changes as the world rotates. The file could also be useful for science teachers teaching meteorology lessons to let students observe shifting cloud patterns.

Langwitches Blogging Unit Available As a Download

Silvia Tolisano writes the great Langwitches blog. In the past she has put together an excellent series of blog posts about digital storytelling. Recently, she has put together a series of blog posts outlining the process of using blogs in the classroom. Today, Silvia posted all eight of the blog posts as one unit available as a download. If you've been considering starting a blog to use with your students, I highly recommend visiting Silvia's blog and downloading the unit about blogging.

A Calendar To Help Elementary Teachers Plan

I'll start this blog post by saying, if you're not following Angela Maiers on Twitter, you should be. Everyday Angela posts useful resources for teachers including this one, the Teacher Planning Calendar, from Scholastic. On the topic of Twitter, if you're looking for educators to follow, check out this list.

The Teacher Planning Calendar from Scholastic lists holidays, historical events, and other teachable moments for each month of the year. Each weekday within the month is linked to a lesson resource for that day.

Applications for Education
The Scholastic Teacher Planning Calendar could be a useful resource for elementary school teachers that are looking for Social Studies lessons resources.