Monday, March 30, 2009

360 Degree View from the Peak of Mt. Everest

In the past I've shared some resources for teaching about Mt. Everest and the Himalaya. One of those resources even included a lesson plan for physical education teachers. This 360 degree interactive panoramic image taken from the peak of Mt. Everest is a nice complement to those resources. Using this panoramic image students can see what mountaineers see when they stand on the peak of Mt. Everest. The image includes views of the famous Khumbu valley as well as Everest's neighboring peaks Lhotse, Changtse, Makalu, and Nupste.

The host of this Everest panorama,, hosts dozens of other interactive panoramas from around the world. The list of interactive panoramas includes views of cultural festivals and tourist attractions. The database of US panoramic views includes the Grand Canyon, the Jefferson Memorial, and two dozen other panoramas.

Applications for Education provides a good resource for students explore as part of Geography or World Studies course. You may want to include some of the panoramas as part of web quest.

Here are a couple of related resources that may be of interest to you:
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