Monday, March 30, 2009

The Breathing Earth - Interactive Map

Breathing Earth is an interactive map demonstrating CO2 emissions, birth rates, and death rates globally and by individual countries. From the moment that you first visit Breathing Earth it starts counting the number of births occurring worldwide. Placing your cursor over any country on the map reveals information about birthrate, death rate, and rate of CO2 emissions.

One of the additional resources linked to Breathing Earth is an ecological footprint calculator. Using this calculator students can calculate their personal footprints, take quizzes, and learn about the ecological footprints of various businesses.

Applications for Education
Breathing Earth is a good resource for students to explore to learn about which countries are the world's largest producers of CO2 emissions. Breathing Earth would also be a good website to keep running for an entire class period to show students how quickly the world's population changes. (In the time it took me to write this 7500 people were born).

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