Thursday, March 26, 2009

Google Earth Links You Might Have Missed

This fifth installment of my "Links You Might Have Missed" series focuses on educational uses of Google Earth. The previous installments of this series featured links to Math, Science, Geography, and Digital Presentation resources.

1. The Travels of Odysseus in Google Earth

2. DIY Google Earth Tours

3. 360 Cities - High Quality Images for Google Earth

4. Get Weather Information in Google Earth

5. Google Lit Trips

6. View Ancient Rome in Google Earth

7. Google Earth as an Almanac

8. Thematic Mapping Engine

9. Real World Math

10. Track Hurricanes in Google Earth

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The Thematic Mapping Engine seems to be offline as of 3/27/09. The blog for Thematic Mapping Engine is still alive and kicking, so hopefully TME is only offline temporarily.