Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Oldies Come to Animoto's Music Library

Animoto is a great video creation service that I've written about numerous times in the past. Animoto was on the list of my 12 Favorite Resources of 2008. Recently, Animoto added 75 new music tracks, including some "oldies," to its collection. Users now have more choices than ever when creating their custom Animoto videos. And remember, Animoto for Education has special, free features just for teachers and students.

Applications for Education
Here is an idea for using Animoto in an English/ Literature course. To get students excited about studying and or writing poetry have them select a poem, record an audio track of the poem being read, then use that audio track as part of an Animoto poetry video. Alternatively, you may try simply having students select music and images that they feel captures the tone and message of a poem.

Another way to use Animoto is to have students collect images of the community they live in and put them into an Animoto show. Students should select images that they believe best represents their community. Then connect with another school willing to share Animoto movies about their local community. Connecting to another school could be accomplished through a general inquiry on Twitter or through a service like ePals.

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