Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slide Magnet - Make Your Presentations Magnetic

We've probably all sat through a tortuously long and boring presentation featuring someone reading from bullet points on a slide. Two years ago I watched a very well paid consultant not only read from slides, but read from slides that were out of order. Don't let the next bad presenter be you or your students, visit Slide Magnet. Slide Magnet is a website full of free advice to help make your slide presentations more effective and make you a better presenter. Slide Magnet has a feature called the Deck of the Day which is chosen as an exemplar for good slideshow design. Today's Slide Magnet Deck of the Day is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Slide Magnet is a good resource for high school and college students to consult before giving a live presentation. The advice offered by Slide Magnet is clear and practical advice that everyone can put into practice. Slide Magnet even offers advice on how to dress for different types of presentations.

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