Saturday, April 18, 2009

7 Interesting and Educational Things on Twitter

I wasn't great about posting my Twitter gems this week, but I will get back into the habit on Monday.

This week I tried TweetDeck for the first time and I'm hooked on using it. TweetDeck allows me to see my full Twitter stream as well as create groups of Twitterers to track. For example, I have created a TweetDeck group labeled "teachers only" so that I can follow the tweets from teachers in my network without seeing tweets from the other people in my network. I have found that creating groups allows me to scan through the tweets of my network faster than I can when all of tweets from all of my network are arranged vertically.

Here are seven interesting and educational things I've found on Twitter this week.
6 Steps to Get Started on Twitter from @rickdog
A Tour of Twitter Headquarters from @angelamaiers
The Interview That Will Bag A Job from @DelaneyKirk from @nancydevine
Google Earth API Demo Gallery from @crafty184
The Fractions Rap from @thecleversheep
Why Libraries Matter from @larryferlazzo

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