Friday, April 3, 2009

College Grazing - Helps Students Focus College Search

When I started looking at colleges fifteen years ago I went to the library, pulled out Peterson's College Guide, and started flipping through the pages. I searched that way partly because I was clueless and partly because there really weren't too many other guides available to me. Today, a high school student has a wide array of Internet resources to help them select the best college for him or her. College Grazing is one of many resources that students can use to research and find a good college fit.

College Grazing
has a great collection of interest surveys designed to help students think about why they want to go to college, the type of college that matches their interests, and the types of college programs for which they might be best suited.

College Grazing helps guide students and parent through the whole process of selecting a college, applying to college, and paying for college. For teachers and guidance counselors, College Grazing offers outlines of group activities designed to help student consider their post-secondary options.

Applications for Education
College Grazing provides something for everyone involved in the process of helping a student select a college. I went through a couple of the interest surveys myself and found them to contain thought provoking questions that will really make students think about why they want to go to college and what they are looking for in a college.

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