Friday, April 10, 2009

Cramberry Adds New Features - Search Flashcards

Cramberry, a free flashcard service that I reviewed in January, has recently released some improvements. Cramberry has always allowed users to share flashcards with other users, but now you can also contribute to a public gallery of flashcards. If you don't have time to make flashcards of your own, you can search for and study flashcards in the public gallery. To use the flashcards you will need to create a Cramberry account.

For your students that have iPhones (none of my students have one) Cramberry now has an iPhone app called Flash-Me.

There is a large selection of flashcard services on the Internet. Cramberry offers a good free product as do these other services; MuchoBeets, Study Stack, Knowtes, Ediscio, and Flashcard DB.

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