Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funnel Brain - Flashcards With Answer Explanations

There are many excellent flashcard services on the Internet today. Some of the better services offer collaboration tools for students to create and share flashcards. Other good services offer systems to help students focus on the flashcards that are the most difficult for them to learn. None of the flashcard services that I've tried have offered what Funnel Brain offers, space to include answer explanations.

Flashcards created using Funnel Brain can include a "third side" to a flashcard. A side that contains the explanation for the answer to a question. In addition to text Funnel Brain flashcards can include videos, audio, and pictures. Under your videos and images you can type your question, answer, or explanation. Just as with many other flashcard services Funnel Brain flashcards can be shared with other users.

Applications for Education
The option to include explanations on Funnel Brain flashcards means that you can develop flashcards for more difficult topics than can be covered using other flashcard systems.

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