Monday, April 27, 2009

History of the First 100 Days

Wednesday will mark one hundred days in office for President Obama. One hundred days is typically the first major check point in measuring a new president's administration. The significance of the "first 100 days" comes from FDR's first term in office. CBS News and CNN have released videos explaining the history and significance of a president's first one hundred days in office.
The CBS Video is embedded below.

Watch CBS Videos Online

The CNN Video is embedded below.

Applications for Education
These videos could be useful for teachers of current events and teachers of US History. Teachers of US History could use the videos as a brief explanation of the significance of FDR's election in 1932 and the legislation he got passed in an attempt to pull the country out of the Great Depression.
Teachers of current events could use the videos as the starting point for a discussion or student research about what President Obama has done in his first one hundred days in office.

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