Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lesson Plans from the US Department of State

I sometimes learn about lesson plan resources from the most unlikely of sources. Yesterday, I learned through CNET that the US Department of State has a website called Future State, US Department of State for Youth. On this site teachers can find lesson plans for teaching topics such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and US involvement in Vietnam. In the "fun activities" section of Future State students can choose from seven different activities including word searches, match the flag, and Where in the World Is the Secretary of State?

Applications for Education
Future State could be a good resource for teachers of elementary and middle school civics. The Where in the World is the Secretary activity could be adapted for use offline if you don't have enough computers for your students. The same activity could also be improved by having students record their findings on a Google Map instead of on a piece of paper as the Future State website suggests.

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