Monday, April 27, 2009

Tidy Read - View Your Favorite Website Without Ads

Tidy Read is a service that allows users to view their favorite websites without viewing the advertising on that page. Tidy Read works as a browser bookmarklet that works on Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Installing the boorkmarklet is a simple matter of dragging the Tidy Read link to your browser's toolbar. The video below is provides a short demonstration of Tidy Read in action.

Applications for Education
Tidy Read could be a handy bookmarklet to have installed on student computers if you are concerned about students being distracted by advertising on the websites that they visit.

Too much advertising or inappropriate advertising is definitely not appropriate for a classroom environment. That said,
I do have to point out that many of the great, free websites that have been featured on Free Technology for Teachers rely on advertising to stay online which is why I am hesitant to dismiss all advertising.

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