Monday, April 6, 2009

Tour Mount Redoubt in Google Earth

If you're a Geography teacher or in any other way use Google Earth in your classroom, the Google Earth Blog should be in your RSS reader. At least once a week I find something posted on the Google Earth Blog that can be incorporated into a classroom.

Today on the Google Earth Blog I found a link to a tour of Mount Redoubt in Alaska. As you probably know, Mount Redoubt recently erupted sending plumes of ash more than 50,000 feet above sea level. The Google Earth Tour of Mount Redoubt is narrated.

Staying with the volcano topic, I found a couple of other resources that might be handy for science teachers. Through Google Maps Mania I found a link to this Google Map of more than 1500 volcanoes. Each placemark on the map contains some basic information about the volcano.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory has extremely detailed information about all of the volcanoes in Alaska including Mount Redoubt. The Mount Redoubt page includes images, charts, and maps about the current volcanic activity.

Embedded below is a short video about Mount Redoubt's recent eruption.

Applications for Education
The Google Earth tour of Mount Redoubt along with the other resources listed above could be good for use in a science classroom. The video and tour of Mount Redoubt could be used at most grade levels while the Alaska Volcano Observatory is probably a resource best utilized by high school students.

A related resource that may be of interest to you is Forces of Nature Earth Science Resources. You may also want to check out Snag Films where you can watch National Geographic's Violent Earth for free.

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