Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slideroll - Create Audio Slideshows

Update: as a reader just pointed out, sometimes the pre-roll intro to Slideroll has images that may not be appropriate for school. Therefore, until that changes, I remove my endorsement of Slideroll and advise you to consider it carefully before using it in your classroom. If Slideroll does change their pre-roll intro, I will update this post again.

Slideroll is an audio slideshow creation program that is similar to the very popular Animoto service. Slideroll gives you the ability to transform a boring collection of images into an entertaining audio slideshow.

To use Slideroll simply sign up for an account and start uploading your images. You can upload up to 100 images for your slideshow. Once you've uploaded your images, select from the collection of free music or upload your own music (remember to respect copyright laws). After completing those two steps, Slideroll generates your new audio slideshow. If you're not happy with the slideshow, you can user the Slideroll editor to adjust the sequence of the images as well as the length of time for which each image is displayed. You can see the editor and my Slideroll slideshow below.

All of the images in the slideshow were taken at NECC 2009.

Applications for Education
Slideroll could be a good alternative to the standard slideshow. You could have students create Slideroll slideshows to complement a story that they wrote. In an art class students could use Slideroll to show off the art they've created.

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