Monday, July 20, 2009

US History Animated

History Animated is a great website that I learned about last week from the excellent blog Teaching the Civil War With Technology. If you're a teacher of US History you need to visit both History Animated and Teaching the Civil War With Technology.

History Animated
provides animations of the American Revolution, the US Civil War, and the US Pacific Campaign in WWII. In each of the three series of animations you will see the animated movement of armies displayed on a map. Each animation is accompanied by captions describing the strategies of the armies as well as the results and consequences of each battle.

All of the animations on History Animated are available for free viewing on the website. That said, if you would like a CD copy of the animations sent to you, you can obtain a copy for only $15.

Applications for Education
History Animated is a fantastic resource for teachers of US History. The animations will make great supplements to classroom instruction. The animations are a significant improvement over drawing or pointing to places on a map.

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