Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just in Time for School - Glogster Edu

At the end of June I met with Jim Dachos from Glogster and we talked about what Glogster is developing for educators. You can read about that conversation here. One of the things that Jim shared at the time was that Glogster is building a Glogster education service that is separate from the commercial version of Glogster. At the time Jim wasn't sure when that would be launched. This morning, Andrew Connelly who is the head of business development for Glogster announced on Twitter that the new should be available by August 14.

Applications for Education
Glogster is probably best described as service for creating an online collage of videos, music, images, and multiple text styles. Earlier this year I used Glogster to have my special education students create Glogs about various US Presidents. During our conversation Jim shared with me a Glog that was created by a student about Darfur. That Glog can be seen below.

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