Monday, August 24, 2009

Mix Your Own NPR Podcast

NPR has offered their "mix your own podcast" service for quite a while now, but I hadn't revisted since its launch until today. I was searching for content to add to the side bar of my new teaching website,, when I thought that instead of specifying particular podcasts and videos for my students, I would provide them with links to places where they can find academic and intellectual material on their own. Therefore the side bar of my new teaching website contains links to NPR's mix your own podcast, YouTube EDU, iTunes University, and TED Talks.

NPR's mix your own podcast service allows anyone to create their own unique collection of podcasts from NPR's library of thousands of podcasts. To use NPR's mix your own podcast service simply visit the page, name your podcast, select keywords and content, and then subscribe to your new custom podcast.

Applications for Education
Students can use NPR's mix your own podcast service to create a podcast that is both interesting to them and informative. You could also create a podcast of content related to your course and link it up to your classroom blog or website.

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