Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PostLearn - A Global Job Board for Educators

As anyone that has looked for an employer or an employee in the education sector will tell you, the Monster-type job boards are not the best places to look. Now there's a better place to look. The new PostLearn Educational Job Board is a job board designed specifically for the education community. PostLearn is free for educators to use in their quest for their next job in education. Job seekers can set-up email alerts to be notified of new postings that meet their criteria.

Schools looking to fill job openings can use PostLearn's simple posting service. The posting process is made simple so that even those who aren't tech-savvy can post job openings. To make job posting even easier, if you mention Free Technology for Teachers, PostLearn will accept the first ten job postings via email at joe(at)postlearn.com.

PostLearn launches today on a number of reputable education blogs. You will see the widgets displayed in the side columns of these blogs. PostLearn chose to launch this way rather than "spam" people through Twitter or email because they believe that the best candidates and employers in today's education job market are reading these blogs.

PostLearn was developed by Joseph Thibault. Some of you may be familiar with Joe through his work helping teachers develop Moodle courses.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of PostLearn. I do not receive compensation for referring job-seekers, however I do receive compensation for referring job postings.