Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three Easy Ways to Resize an Image

Most of your better image editing services have image resizing capabilities built-in. But for those times when you can't or don't want to use a full-size image editing tool, simple image resizing tools can be handy. Here are three free and fast image resizing tools.

All three of these tools function almost identically. Upload an image, specify your desired dimensions, download your resized image.

1. Resize Your is the most visually appealing option of the three. The directions are very clear and the advertising is minimal. You can expand or contract your images.

2. Shrink Pictures shrinks images that are in jpeg, gif, and png formats. You can specify the exact dimensions you want your image to be or use the percentage scale.

3. Pic Resize in addition to shrinking your images allows you to apply some special effectst to your images.

There are many similar services out there on the web. If you have a preferred web-based image resizing tool, please leave a comment.