Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How a Bill Becomes Law Interactive Flowchart

In my quest to find appropriate materials for the US Civics course that I'm teaching this semester, I recently came across this interactive flowchart on the Lexis Nexis website. The chart has a very Web 1.0 look, but don't be fooled, it has a lot of detailed information. Click on any element in the chart to find reveal detailed information about that step in the legislative process. An image of the chart can be seen below.

Applications for Education
Despite it's rather basic look, I used this interactive chart with my students last week and found it to be a much better resource than the standard textbook charts. What I particularly liked about using the chart was that my students could about the nuances of the legislative process while still looking at the original chart (I had them open two tabs so technically it wasn't the exact same time but it was better than page flipping in a book).

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