Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Am What I Learn - White House Video Contest

As a follow-up activity to President Obama's student address, the US Department of Education has organized a video contest. I Am What I Learn asks students (13 and older) to create two minute videos outlining the steps they will take to improve their education and the role education will play in fulfilling their dreams. The videos can be created in just about any style including documentary, music video, or public service announcements. All videos must be uploaded to YouTube between September 8th and October 8th (this might a good reason for unblocking YouTube at school). You can learn more about I Am What I Learn here.

Applications for Education
Creating videos for I Am What I Learn could be the incentive for your middle school and high school students to be active listeners during President Obama's address today. Creating videos could also be a good way to get students to really reflect on the role of education in their lives.