Friday, September 11, 2009

Shmoop in Spanish and 19 New Learning Guides

Shmoop, a website that produces excellent study guides, has just released some great new content. Shmoop now offers fifteen of their book summaries and study guides in Spanish for ESL/ EFL students. Some of the titles included in the Spanish translations are Huckleberry Finn, The Odyssey, and Romeo and Juliet. Check out all of the translated study guides here.

Shmoop has also added ninteen new learning guides in English. The new guides include works by Tolstoy, Chaucer, and Carroll. Check out all of the Literature Titles here.

Applications for Education
I have used the Shmoop study guides for US History and Civics with my classes this year. The guides provide a nice framework and background for in-depth classroom instruction. I have also linked Shmoop to my classroom blog and have already had a couple of students tell me that Shmoop has been helpful as a review tool for them.

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