Friday, October 16, 2009

Storybird - Digital Story Creation

Storybird has gotten a fair amount of press in the Edu-blog-o-sphere over the last couple of months. Larry Ferlazzo and Kevin Hodgson have both written about. If those two guys were pleased with it, I had to check it out. I finally had some time to try it this week and I concur with the opinions of Larry and Kevin, Storybird could be an excellent tool for elementary school students to create digital stories.

provides templates and artwork for creating digital stories. To use Storybird you simply select a theme (layout) then drag and drop the drawings you like into your story. Once you've selected drawings for your story, you then write in the text of your story. Using Storybird, anyone can create great-looking digital picture book stories regardless of your drawing skills or lack there-of.

Applications for Education
Storybird provides an easy-to-use platform for elementary school students to create digital picture books. The hurdle of drawing is removed from the equation leaving your students to focus on the writing of their stories. The finished product is something that your students will want to show-off to their parents and friends.